Madang govt imposes four-year liquor ban

Source: The National PNG

MADANG Governor Peter Yama has imposed a four-year liquor ban in the province, starting after Christmas tomorrow.

Yama said the provincial executive council made the decision last week because of the negative impacts of alcohol consumption on families in Madang over the years.

He said some families were forced to go without food because all the money was spent on buying drinks.

“Yes we will lose internal revenue but we have carefully weighed the consequences of having beer, and making money, and reached this decision,” Yama said.
Yama said drunk people had caused deaths, injuries, road accidents, sexual offences and other serious crimes.

“I want to let the people of Madang know that your government has now put a ban on liquor in the province,” he said.

“That means that there will be no more beer sold in small outlets in the town including beer shops. So beer outlets should try their best to sell all your beers and strong drinks before Christmas. All licences for beer shops will be terminated by Dec 25.”

He said people who wished to drink could go to clubs and hotels which were the right places to enjoy oneself with friends.

The ban will be in place for the four years of his current term.

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